workplace conflict: the power of positive conflict

Difficult conversations take skill, strategy and a sincere desire to do good. They also call for courage.

Your ability to speak up about issues that weigh you down is crucial to your success at work and in life.  

Learn how to have positive conflict as a leader.

the opportunity

why is developing  workplace conflict skills important to your success?

Do you have a difficult conversation that you know you need to have?

  • But, you've been avoiding it, hoping against all hope that the problem will just sort itself out and go away?
  • You feel like you just don’t know how to deal with the situation (or that person!) and are anxiously worried about the repercussions and reactions that could happen as a result if you do tackle it?

The Power of Positive Conflict will help you to face your fear of conflict and learn to leverage the positive aspects that come as a result of holding your ground in a respectful, professional way to get better outcomes from difficult situations.  

the context

INTRODUCING THE POWER OF positive conflict

We are all “set for threat” and it’s normal for us to feel anxious and worried about potentially threatening situations. 

Our brains, bodies and emotions all react to threat and this affects our ability to effectively work through a potentially volatile situation.

Put another way, our emotions drive our decisions which drive our behaviour and this ultimately affects our performance or outcomes.

But, it doesn’t mean that we cannot learn better, more effective ways to overcome our anxiety. 

By learning to deal with conflict using simple tools and techniques, we can learn that it’s entirely possible to move forward and get short-term wins that develop more meaningful, productive relationships with our colleagues, bosses, stakeholders and teams.

Learn how to leverage your fears and anxieties to assertively manage conflict for positive outcomes.

Programme Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will learn:

  • How to gain agreement as a team on our behavioural “norms” so that when conflict happens, we already have a way to work through it
  • Why conflict is healthy and how to use the 4 Keys for Successful Conflict so that you can get more effective in managing and working through conflict.
  • How to manage my emotions before, during and after conflict
  • How to tell the difference between my opinions and stories versus the actual behaviour that is showing up and getting in the way of communicating – and how to address this internal dialogue positively
  • How to identify my personal triggers, biases and blocks and how to deactivate these
  • To challenge your reality of difficult people versus difficult behaviours.  And in so doing, learn how to identify the different communication styles using DISC to give and receive feedback for optimum success in conflict
  • How to plan for a courageous conversation that gets you positive results
  • How to influence others positively using your physiology
  • How to have a Courageous Conversation: using a framework for engagement and change so that people can “hear” what you have to say and respond more effectively
  • How to create an action plan to ensure you keep moving forward

"The Law of Win/Win says:

Let's not do it your way or my way;

Let's do it the best way."


-  Greg Anderson


Check what my clients say about me


“I recently worked with Kerry Anne when I attended the Conflict Management workshop run through Brisbane City Council

My expectations in attending this course were understanding more about how to better handle conflict.

Kerry helped me achieve this by breaking down all areas of types on conflict, ways to manage this and understanding the person you may be experiencing the conflict with.

What I appreciate the most about her is the open, honest and confident delivery and the resources provided to further assist outside of the course.

One of the biggest takeaways for me from the course was I felt that I could feel more confident in managing conflict more efficiently.

The reason I would recommend Kerry Anne is because her process is easy to understand and follow due to the way she delivers it.

Judy Argent

Brisbane City Council


"I thought that this was a great course. Provided a lot of insights into EI, NLP and, of course, conflict management. These can definitely be applied to my everyday work.

I thought that this was the best course that I have attended in Council. Well worth the time. It was difficult to spend a whole day learning rather than doing.

I think I learnt a lot about dealing with conflict in an empathetic manner, especially with difficult and upset customers at community engagement events and activities which I have attended in the last couple of weeks.

Kerry provided a number of tools and processes to identify problems, empathize and problem solve. I think that this is definitely an important skill when dealing with planning issues and problems.

Great presenter. Easy to engage with. Delivered information in a fun and informative way. Good facilitation of activities and dialogue.

Two of the biggest takeaways for me from the course was learning to empathise with people to understand their problems and set boundaries when people are being confrontational.

Daniel Pirie

Brisbane City Council


"I recently worked with Kerry Anne when I attended the Conflict Management workshop run through Brisbane City Council as my role is customer service focused and I often encounter unhappy customers.

My expectations in attending this course were ...I recently had a customer reduce me to tears and it took me many days to recover, I was hoping this course could help me to stay calm in the face of hostility.

Many phrases are now stuck in my head, happily so. E.g. I am OK, I will be OK, I’ve got this. 

Customers may choose to be angry, however, I can choose not to accept this emotion.

Kerry Anne is very open and honest. Hard topics are spoken about in a matter of fact way and Kerry Anne uses humor to good effect.

One of the biggest takeaways for me from the course was that I am more aware of my personality style and how it appears to others.

The reason I would recommend Kerry Anne is because.... she is approachable, straight forward and interesting.

Carol Ferris

Brisbane City Council

delivery and value

introducing the power of positive

I have always believed in and tried to live my life from a perspective of “The Power of Positive”.  We now know from science that we are 31% more productive in positive than in neutral, negative or stressed.

So, it’ll come as no surprise that my Signature Programmes tie this theme together, whether addressing management or team challenges.

Each of my Signature Programmes in the Power of Positive Series complement each other to form an entire programme. This cohesive framework has been designed to flow from one development topic to the next. 

High Performance Habits
Strategic Leadership
Authentic Leadership
People Management Skills
Brand Yourself
Women in Leadership Course
Communicate with Influence
Workplace Conflict


customised to your needs

My modular approach makes it easy for you to choose topics that will solve your specific challenges.

Depending on your needs, challenges and budget, I can craft and customise to create a unique programme tailored for you and your organisation.

And, whilst my workshops tend to be face to face, I recognise and have developed my online offerings to combine with face to face to offer a "blended" approach to reinforce learning and allow for geographically dispersed teams to benefit from learning.

A variety of formats to suit your needs:

  • Lunch and Learns (2 -3 hours)
  • Workshops
  • Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • Group and Executive Personalised Coaching
  • Online Courses, Web Classes and Master Classes
  • Or a blend of the above

my company values

how I create safety for my clients


I believe in creating a sincere, no-judgement zone which makes room for vulnerability, honesty and openness.


The ability to encourage and appreciate the best in all of us is core to how I lead and how I encourage leaders to lead.


I believe that there is power in the present, that we all have a responsibility to be our best and to create shared understanding.


Successful leaders are curious, humble, willing to learn from others and say sorry.


My training provides a sense of belonging in a space that is truthful and challenging, yet respectful.


When we choose to let "stuff" go, to forgive ourselves and others, we learn true freedom.

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