Have you lost your passion at work?  

We spend 50 - 70% of our time at work.  I don't know about you, but I want to make my time at work, mean something!

The sad truth however is that a lot of us have given up on the dream in order to pay mortgages, school fees, car repayments, insurance and the list goes on....

We operate at our best when we are positive and happy with where we are.

Life is too short for spending the bulk of your time unfulfilled and unhappy with what you do.

This Valentine's Day, let's take some time to step back and ask ourselves some questions to help us gain clarity and focus about why we are doing what we do...

7 Questions to Unleash Your Best You


Do you have a passion and purpose for what you do? Write it down in one sentence.


Do you love what you do?  Describe what this means for you.


Have you discovered what you were born to do? What is it? How does it make you feel when you do it?


How often do you get to do your “best work” ?


Have you mastered your craft? How can you continue to grow and develop?


What’s your gift? Write it down in one sentence or less.


What self-limiting beliefs are you aware of that may be holding you back from achieving your best work? Do you know how to overcome these?


Only you can bring the energy, enthusiasm and creativity that you do to your workplace

Only you can do the work that you do, bringing your signature "fingerprint" to each task, each day

Only you have the insights and ideas that allow you to achieve your exact type of results

Only you can help and inspire others in the workplace in the unique way that you do

There will only ever be one you in the role that you do - no one can match you, ever

If you aren't finding pleasure, purpose and positivity in your work, maybe it's time to set aside some time to refocus and get some expert input.  

Since 2002 I have been coaching busy professionals and leaders through my custom-designed coaching programmes for busy professionals and leaders.  If you are interested, check out how I can help you.

May you love the work that you do and may the hours fly by.....

Happy Valentines' Day!!

Kerry Anne

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