Are you  thriving in your leadership role?
OR are you held back by a lack of confidence and self-doubt?

Introducing the

Unstoppable women's leadership Experience

Empowering women in leadership to step up into your passion and purpose

A virtual leadership development programme designed for corporate women from entry to senior management roles

Men and women are equally capable of effective leadership yet strikingly different in how we promote our unique strengths and talents.

In recent decades, women have seen the opportunities to flex our professional acumen and leadership abilities in the contemporary business environment increase, BUT the gender gap has still not been closed –

Women continue to hold a smaller share of leadership responsibility when compared to men, particularly in senior positions (82.7% of CEO's of non-public sector organisations are men)

Women continue to be paid less (on average 14.6% less than men)

The focus of the Unstoppable Women’s Leadership Experience is to empower women to overcome these challenges, kick past the glass ceilings holding you hostage and help you to build a powerful brand and persona that embodies your unique talents.

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Unstoppable Women's Leadership Experience
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In my personal walk as a professional woman in the workplace, I have learnt that in order to stand out and be noticed for the unique leader you are, you have to gently nudge people's levels of awareness and understanding of their own and other's biases.

I work with women in leadership positions daily and I see highly competent, successful women putting themselves down because of how others perceive them. Their self-doubt and lack of confidence in themselves holds them back.

I have also noticed a definite difference in the way men and women respond to managers: Women have a lot tougher time as leaders in developing and keeping credibility and authority.

And lastly, I see how a lack of awareness in the importance of talking to Business Strategy and Financial Acumen impacts on promotional opportunities for women at Senior and Executive Levels.

In the Unstoppable women's leadership experience, we tackle provocative and current topics facing high achieving women leaders ready to rise to the next level of management.

The aim of Unstoppable is to empower women in leadership become more adept and confident in making intentional choices that expand your impact within organisations, creating opportunities for increased collaboration, engagement and innovation leading to improved business profits.

Your curriculum and objectives

This is a 6-month leadership development programme specifically designed for Women in Leadership Roles.  It combines self-paced online videos and learning modules, monthly online Group Coaching and Q&A which includes sharing of the results of practical application projects where leaders share back the results of what they have applied in the workplace, and a LinkedIn support group.

Key Features: 

Over 28 hours of video content -  available for 12 months

43 Lessons for On-the Go, On-Demand Learning

Workbooks, Slide Handouts and Worksheets by Module

An extensive library of articles and resources to reinforce your learning

Live Group Coaching opportunities with Kerry Anne available monthly based on the Six Topics

A Private "Unstoppable" LinkedIn Support Group

** Private, tailored coaching available for ladies wanting to fast-track their learning

the curriculum:



Focus: Your mindset is arguably your most important asset.  Learn how to harness your potential and unlock your power as a woman in leadership.

  • Learn how to use the power of your conscious mind, identify the barriers, blocks and self-limiting beliefs hindering your success – and how to overcome these
  • Identify, recognise and embrace your passions, purpose and super-powers (strengths and passions)  and dreams and align these with your personal and professional career goals for congruency and focus in your leadership journey
Resources and Tools
  • Workbook and Values Worksheet
  • Power Point Slide Handouts
  • Articles, videos and music
unstoppable womens leadership experience -  mindset



Focus: How to get the most out of your day to achieve your goals and priorities AND create time to develop your career whilst balancing home commitments

  • Explore the secrets of self-mastery, together with the rules and tools of time management to get "it all done"
  • Learn how to use your values to drive the way you prioritise and set goals
  • Discover how to create healthy productivity habits using neuroscience
  • Workbook and Time Management Worksheets
  • Power Point Slide Handouts
  • Videos, articles and music
  • Audio articles for on-the-go learning

purpose and priority kerry anne cassidy



Focus: Leveraging the skill-set and tool-set of Emotional Intelligence to creatively problem-solve and make better decisions in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world

  • Harnessing the tools to live at a more fulfilling and emotionally masterful level as a woman leader
  • Developing  and leveraging off of deep connections within our team and networks in order to navigate a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous workplace and global environment
  • Overcoming the common challenge of having difficult conversations that allow honest and forthright discussion which leads to a deeper understanding and connection in the workplace.  
  • Workbook
  • Power Point Slide Handouts
  • Worksheets
  • Articles and Videos
unstoppable womens leadership experience - emotional mastery



Focus: Learn how to flex and adapt your Signature Leadership Style in order to influence key players, get your ideas heard, implemented and recognised for career progression and promotion

  • Identify the four styles of influence and how to best use them for win-win, in spite of persistent unconscious gender and self-biases that sabotage our identity and self confidence
  • Discover how to leverage your Signature Leadership Style across a range of situations, particularly with "difficult people" you work with
  • Powerfully utilise your strengths to develop your unique "Presence" to help you stand out and play "big" when it matters most
  • Workbook
  • Power Point Slide Handouts
  • Signature Style Profile and Supporting Guides
  • Presence Profile 
  • Videos and Articles 
unstoppable womens leadership experience - woman of influence



Focus: We live in a world of turbulence, change and uncertainty.  Developing our resilience muscles intentionally in order to teach these skills to your team is what we will focus on in this module.

  • Discover the science behind bounce, your resilience profile and how to develop your strengths and teach your team the same
  • There are difficult people and then there are toxic people.  In this module we learn what the difference is and ways to deal with toxicity so we don't get drawn into negativity
  • Workbook
  • Power Point Slide Handouts
  • Resilience Profile
  • Videos, articles and books
unstoppable womens leadership experience - courage under fire



Focus: Your ability to solve problems by utilising your network and building a successful leadership brand will be of utmost importance in attracting the right sponsors to open doors and keep you moving towards your career goals

  • This module highlights and teaches the key skill-sets that will get you to the top - and which few women have been taught, so that you can kick past ceilings and politicking to ensure your career stays on-track, no matter your journey
  • Develop an action-plan to showcase your "leadership brand" and get in front of the power players who influence organisational policy
  • Identify the right sponsors and make time to develop the right proteges who will help you go all the way to the "top" of your career goal ladder
  • Workbook
  • Power Point Slide Handouts
  • A variety of Worksheets
  • Videos, articles and books
unstoppable womens leadership experience - social agility

women in leadership kerry anne


High achieving women in entry to senior level leadership roles

What THREE Formats Are Available?

One: "Go-Getter"  Online and On-Demand Learning Option

  1. Six Online modules with 43 pre-recorded lessons
  2. Live Q&A Group Coaching Sessions – topic focused per month
  3. Workbook, Implementation and Action Plans per module
  4. LinkedIn Accountability and Support Group
  5. Completion of Personal Profiling tools to identify your leadership strengths
  6. Creation of your Leadership Brand and Sponsorship Strategies

Two: "Jet-Setter" Executive Online Coaching Immersion (Fast-Track and Accountability Partnership)

  1. Six Online modules with 43 pre-recorded lessons
  2. Monthly Live Q&A Group Coaching Sessions – topic focused
  3. Workbook, Implementation and Action Plans per module
  4. LinkedIn Accountability and Support Group
  5. Completion of Personal Profiling tools to identify your leadership strengths
  6. Creation of your Leadership Brand and Sponsorship Strategies
  7. PLUS x12, 60 minute Executive Coaching session with Kerry Anne, tailored to your specific needs- limited availability
  8. PLUS access to the Executive Mastermind Resource Library which includes additional leadership resources and modules, invaluable for high performance Executive Leadership

Three: "High Achievers"  Tailored Corporate Virtual Leadership Option for Private and Government Organisations

  • Let's meet to discuss your specific needs as an organisation

What My Clients Have to Say...

Ruth met Kerry Anne during a workshop and signed up for an Executive 10-Coaching Session Programme which includes a 360 degree GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

As a new leader into an Senior Executive role, Ruth was looking to gain clarity and confidence in her new role. 

Listen to what she has to say during her half-way review...

10 Benefits of Choosing "Unstoppable" 

If you are serious about:


Mastering your mindset and the underlying, unconscious beliefs holding you back


Uncovering your purpose and passion as a leader to create your unique identity and brand


Developing strategies to overcome the unique challenges faced by women in the workplace


Creating healthy habits that sustain and develop your resilience and “bounce”


Harnessing the tools of productivity to achieve your most important priorities


Creating a sustainable network to authentically engage and support others whilst promoting yourself and growing your career aspirations


Impacting your organisation, boss, stakeholders and team in an influential, positive way


Being heard and recognised for the valuable ideas and solutions you bring to the table


Navigating complex relationships with social agility and purpose


Developing women around you

louise mcsorley women in leadership

“Australian women are highly educated,

but are being held back in the workplace and in public life”

- Workplace Gender Equality Agency Acting Director Louise McSorley

key aspects of Unstoppable


The Unstoppable Women’s Leadership Experience has been designed as a series of themed modules based on my Six Pillars of Leadership


The option of either self-paced learning and coaching OR , with LinkedIn  Group access allowing for engagement, self-reflection, and peer to peer coaching to create and develop trusted connections within the group


Ladies will be inspired to grow and learn how to manage their mindsets, skill-sets and relationships, in order to achieve personal and professional career goals.


The programme recognises that women are likely to have a less linear career path than men. This programme includes a background into why this may occur and how women can maximise the opportunities this presents.


The gender-specific format allows for greater openness in a supportive environment and addresses the unique issues women in leadership face


Opportunity to develop a rich peer support network


Development of a personalised action plan for continued development


Experiential program allows time for new skills & behaviours to be explored in a safe environment

we understand that One Size doesn't fit all

There are three learning options to suit your needs...

Go-getter online group mastermind


1.Six Online modules with 43 pre-recorded video lessons (Value AU$12,000)

2.Monthly Live Q&A Group Coaching Sessions – module focused (Value AU$9,000)

3.Workbook, Implementation and Action Plans per module (Value $2,000)


4.LinkedIn Accountability and Support Group (AU$Priceless)

5. Pre-course meeting with your direct line manager (if appropriate) (Value AU$750) 

6.Completion of Personal Profiling tools to identify your leadership strengths (Value AU$2,500)

Total Value: AU$26,250.00
Executive Coaching Immersion


1. All of what the Go-Getter includes (Value AU$27,450.00)

2.PLUS x 12 60 minute Executive Coaching sessions with Kerry Anne, tailored to your specific needs - limited availability (Value AU$12,000)

3.PLUS access to the Executive Mastermind Resource Library which includes additional leadership resources and modules, invaluable for high performance Executive Leadership (Value AU$7,500)

4.PLUS the opportunity for breakfast meet-ups within the Exec Group (online and face to face) (Value AU$250)

5. PLUS a 2-hour workshop to create and complete your Leadership Brand and Sponsorship Strategy (Value AU$3,000)

Total Value: AU$60,200.00

coporate high achievers programme

To enable organisations to harness the power of diversity, empowering and up-skilling women to create a Women's Leadership talent pipeline all the way to the top

This programme is a fit for you if...

  1. You are tired of putting yourself last
  2. You are tired of not getting the results you want
  3. You are tired of getting overlooked for promotion and career opportunities
  4. You want to be recognised for your contribution and value
  5. You want to increase your financial worth
  6. You want to feel and show up confidently 
  7. You are ready to do the hard work to step up into your "best" self as a leader

This programme is NOT a fit for you if….

  1. You are happy with where you are at
  2. You were hoping for a quick fix to get to the top
  3. You are not able to make time to step up right now
  4. Increasing your financial worth is not a priority
  5. You are already working on your leadership and getting the results you want

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Denitsa Vitkova - testimonial

Denitsa joined the "Go-Getter" Online, On Demand Option

Thank you Kerry for teaching me! I can hardly imagine how I would have been able to survive my company's environment if you didn't coach me. I would have changed my job if it hadn't been for you and the Unstoppable Women's Leadership Experience.

How this programme has helped with my specific work challenges:

I came into this programme because I was experiencing a difficult situation at the time within my team.  This programme has helped me to seek ways to effectively handle my boss's behaviour. I've been impressed by the content of the course as well as its structure - I particularly like that you address our "internal game" as everything in our life starts with this.

Why I'd recommend this programme: 

The superb coaching sessions without which my life would be harder as they gave me precious insights about things/reasons I never suspected as impacting on my ability to make good decisions.

One word to summarise your experience of the programme: "Excited!"

money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee:

We are passionate about you seeing results.

So, should you sign up and go through the programme, attend the coaching sessions, complete all the modules, workbooks, profiles and handouts and NOT see changes, we'll give you a 100% refund.

But Kerry, what if...


I want to do this but I am not sure if it will meet my needs specifically – you will complete a pre-course self-reflection to help you to understand your specific “pain points” that you can focus on throughout the course. I also offer a 100% money-back guarantee should within the first month, you not be getting any value from the programme, even though you have watched all the videos in module 1 and completed all the activities allocated.


I am not sure if I have the time available due to work commitments – this course is self-paced and you will have access to the materials for a full 12 months


My manager doesn’t support the work I am doing on my leadership development – I am used to hearing this concern and this is why I have created this programme to incorporate coaching opportunities every month for you to be able to get your questions answered.  Secondly, you will have access to super supportive and caring LinkedIn Group which allows you to get to know your fellow women in leadership and get the support you need to keep focused and disciplined.


I cannot cope with the workload of the course – I understand the intensive demands of being a Mother, Partner, Leader, Friend etc and so this course is designed to be self-paced, whilst providing monthly Q&A Coaching and Support.  The materials will be available for a full 12 months, so there is no pressure to complete the whole course - your learning, your way is my approach to learning


1.) Imagine being able to negotiate your salary by 10 – 20 – 30% upwards over the next few years – because you have the skills, power and presence to show up at the negotiation table
2) Imagine having the courage to have those tough conversations and leaving the table having made a positive impact, achieving deeper, more meaningful relationships
3) Imagine developing a high performing team with a healthy, happy culture where everyone brings their best selves to work and you are hitting your targets month after month
4) Imagine having the clarity and excitement that comes from knowing your purpose and pathway to achieving your dreams and goals
5) Imagine being able to pay it forward, developing other women so they can step up, just like you have been able to do

leadership for women

About Your Facilitator

Kerry Anne Cassidy provides award-winning, impactful Leadership Development Training Programmes. For over 20 years, she has empowered leaders in both Africa, Australia and across a broad range of industries develop their unique identity and breakthrough the barriers holding them back.

Her strength is her ability to achieve results by encouraging and challenging leaders to back themselves, be courageous and believe in their people.
She combines real-life experience with in-depth tools, models and frameworks that are practical and easy to implement. Her unique way of delivering is engaging and energetic, creating a safe yet challenging learning environment where leaders can be themselves, share their stories and step up without judgement.

As a discerning coach and facilitator, she “holds the line” for leaders, enabling them to discover solutions to their toughest challenges within themselves.

SHE FOCUSES on closing the gap between a leader’s goals and business expectations, using simple yet effective strategies that deliver results.

Kerry Anne's Values


I believe in creating a sincere, no-judgement zone which makes room for vulnerability, honesty and openness.


The ability to encourage and appreciate the best in all of us is core to how I lead and how I encourage leaders to lead.


I believe that there is power in the present, that we all have a responsibility to be our best and to create shared understanding.


Successful leaders are curious, humble, willing to learn from others and say sorry.


My training provides a sense of belonging in a space that is truthful and challenging, yet respectful.


When we choose to let "stuff" go, to forgive ourselves and others, we learn true freedom.

unstoppable womens leadership corporate high achievers programme

Corporate: High Achievers Programme

Looking for a Corporate Programme, tailored to your organisation’s specific needs?

1. Click below to book a meeting with Kerry Anne OR click on the "Green Phone: WhatsApp button" to the right of the screen

2. 10 - 20 ladies per cohort

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Gemma joined the "Jet-Setter" Executive Coaching Immersion. Watch the video below to hear her experience...

Our Clients

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APNIC - team workshops
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Award-winning facilitator who will drive positive professional and personal change;


Fun, experiential learning;


A focus on emotional intelligence, neuroscience and positive psychology (a science that seeks to identify what makes fit people thrive);


Guest presenters with inspirational stories to share;


The creation of peer coaching groups for participants to stay connected between sessions and experience coaching and mentoring in a safe, encouraging environment;


Monthly online catch-ups to present back what’s working and not in relation to workplace projects (group coaching);


Linking and reinforcement of key messages through activities and role modelling of the concepts taught are an integral part of the programme;


Reflection time is encouraged with a journal provided to record progress

Limited Availability: Each programme accepts 20 ladies per cohort to ensure an intimate, personalised and interactive experience, maximising opportunities for your success. As such, admission is on a "first come, first paid basis."

100 percent guarantee

Money Back Guarantee:

We are passionate about you seeing results.

So, should you sign up and go through the programme, attend the coaching sessions, complete all the modules, workbooks, profiles and handouts and NOT see changes, we'll give you a 100% refund.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Evie attended a half-day workshop called "Woman of Influence" and this is what she had to say of her experience with Kerry Anne....

Chandima was looking for clarity and focus to help her decide her next step in her career. She met Kerry Anne in a series of leaderships workshops she was running through her company. She liked Kerry's style and felt she could help her. She signed up for a 6-month coaching programme with Kerry Anne.

This is her story....

Ps: this was recorded in a busy coffee shop, so there is background noise


If you are applying for employer or organisational support, you are welcome to use these documents:

Employer or Organisation Support Letter Template

Unstoppable Women's Leadership Experience Brochure 


  1. Credit card via the payment portal provided on this page
  2. Invoice on application (14-day payment terms. Contact us if you prefer this option.)
  3. Credit card payments can be made as a payment plan  (+ GST for Australian-based participants)
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Unstoppable Women's Leadership Experience

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Contact Kerry Anne on 0430 435 593 or email her at with questions or to set up a meeting to discuss your needs