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We Have Your Application. Here's What to Expect Next...

Step #1 Watch this Now - This Is Why I Am So Passionate About Helping YOU To Step Up As A Leader.

First - We have recieved your application and within the next 24 hours I will be reviewing this in order to decide whether you make it to the pre-approval step.

Second - If I do pre-approve your application, then you will get a call from me.  During the call, we will look at your goals, your plan to get there, and see if the "Jet-Setter Exec Programme" will be a good fit for you.

ThirdYou should have an email right now with some of the initial training from Module 1, Month 1 of the Unstoppable Programme. Dive into it now and start learning so you'll be ready when I call.

Step #2 - Jump To Front Of The Line - Call MeNOW!

We will review your application and if we think you're a fit, we'll give you a call to setup a full interview.

But... If you're at all like me, and you're impatient and know that this is something that MUST happen now, then be proactive and call to setup your interview NOW. 

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Of course, this doesn't guarantee that you'll be accepted , but it'll give you a chance to start the process immediatley, so give me a call.

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