strategic leadership: developing purpose and priorities

Your mindset is arguably your most valuable asset.

And yet, we ruthlessly squander its resources by focusing on an endless list of personal and work tasks that don’t build but overwhelm. 

As a result, our priorities get lost in the distraction, our relationships suffer and we get tired and burnt out more than we should.

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why is strategic leadership important to your success?

  • Do you have too much to do and too little time in which to do it in?
  • Are you suffering from stress and feeling tired, perhaps overwhelmed?
  • Are you trying to juggle competing priorities which all seem to have equal importance and urgency?
  • Do you find yourself easily distracted and it difficult to focus?
  • Are you finding that your work - life balance - well there isn't any?
  • Do you tend to say yes when you actually mean no - for the sake of political correctness and the relationship?

The Power of Purpose and Priority will help you identify your purpose as a leader so you can ensure that your priorities align with your values and vision.  

A particular focus will be on the development of a tool-set and skill-set to specifically target typical time management challenges that align with your vision and values.  

The key to strategic leadership is being able to leverage time management strategies consistently.  This starts with mastering your mindset so attention and care has been built into the programme in helping you to focus and get clarity.   

the context


From the field of neuroscience, we have discovered 3 important characteristics of positive, strategic leaders that trump poor leadership: 

  1. Positive Leaders have a crystal clear vision which is communicated simply
  2. Positive Leaders have a strong value system which creates a framework for safety for people to feel safe to innovate, solve complex problems without fear of failure
  3. Positive Leaders are pragmatic optimists – clear that they believe in their people and expect the best from them

Positive leaders are conscious of making time for strategic leadership: planning and preparing for the short term as well as long term.

We all want to know the secret to having more time, staying on top of our never-ending to-do lists and enjoying life more.


One: We don't know how to effectively use our Brain!

We have learnt more about how our brain works in the past 15 years than we ever thought was possible.  Our brain is the secret to either helping or hindering us to achieving success.  Do you know how to effectively harness yours or are you at its mercy?

Two: We overestimate how much we can achieve in one day and we underestimate how much we can achieve in a week

We all have 24 hours in a day.  How is it then that successful people seem to get so much more done than the average person.  We simply think we can do more in a daily routine than is possible.  Wouldn't it be great if you could accurately plot and plan your priorities each day so you can create momentum.

Three: We don't use the correct tools that get the job done

A lot of time management programmes talk about the to-do list as being an essential tool to getting organised.  But, far from getting everything done, most people feel like they never get on top of their to-do lists.  The simple reason is that the to-do list is not supposed to help you manage your daily goals, but your weekly or even monthly goals.  How much more could you get done if you used the tools available to you correctly?

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to create the right mindset and effectively use the right tools and rules to bring your time management challenges under control?

Time is stable, it’s dependable. It is the one thing we can all rely on to never let us down.

We all get 168 hours in a week to get done all the things we need to.

And, yet over and over again I hear the same reasons why people don’t implement their learning: "Kerry Anne, I just don't have enough time."

As Jackson H Brown so eloquently wrote:

Don’t say you don’t have enough time.  You were given the same amount of hours that were given to Helen Keller, Henry Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Theresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein

This programme faces the challenge of a lack of time and heavy distractions in this "noisy" world head-on.  We will equip you with the necessary skill-set, tool-set and most importantly, mind-set for conquering your time management challenges so that you can gain greater clarity and focus on your priorities in order to achieve these in the bigger landscape of your strategic leadership role and personal life.

Programme Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Create clarity and focus on what really matters to you so that you can adapt your strategies to align with your vision and key priorities
  2. Set goals that actually get you moving forward - most goal setting misses the mark when it comes to the process. In this module, we give a fresh and innovative perspective and a step-by-step system to set goals that get achieved
  3. Create synergy between personal and your professional goals.
  4. Identify and set some all-important boundaries to ensure that other people's priorities and yours don't lead to unnecessary conflict
  5. Use 2 effective methods to overcome and move past your bad habits and ensure that you are moving ahead.
  6. Leverage daily rituals, routines and habits
  7. Leverage focus and pursue persistently and consistently bite size tasks to step by step get you to your goals...
  8. Address all the potential time wasters and obstacles that you may already have been experiencing around time management and solutions to these
  9. Apply the foundational rules for time management that will set you up for success, if you use them! We share the tenant of emotional intelligence and brain science in the application of these rules which means you have a better chance of success than with normal ways of using time management rules
  10. Identify and use 4 super-simple tools for prioritising your time - based on your needs, outcomes and time available
  11. Say no when protecting your priorities. We show you how to do this with a 5-step model that's guaranteed to improve your relationships and keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.

We all have twenty-four hour days.”  

- Zig Ziglar


Check what my clients say about me


Kerry Anne is a very knowledgeable and entertaining presenter.

 This programme was all relevant to my day-to-day work environment.  I enjoyed the programme.

My key take-out was that I should always do the "worst first"

Tina Sivyer



I wanted to learn how to more strategically manage my time.  I definitely achieved this.

The most valuable part of this programme was in challenging viewpoints about priorities and what's important.

Kerry was very engaging and kept the learning relevant to those in the room.  

Kate Hamilton

Department of Health


“My expectations in attending this course were to understand what I can and can’t control with regards to workload and identifying priorities to help reduce rework and mistakes.

Kerry helped me achieve this by identifying what is Urgent v Important

What I appreciate the most about her is her warmth and willingness to share her experiences

One of the biggest takeaways for me from the course was to notice what I am thinking/feeling by documenting as this has presented the opportunity to choose if/when/how/why I would like to interrupt or continue my thought process (enlightening)

Kelllie Hammelswang

Good Price Pharmacy

delivery and value

introducing the power of positive

I have always believed in and tried to live my life from a perspective of “The Power of Positive”.  We now know from science that we are 31% more productive in positive than in neutral, negative or stressed.

So, it’ll come as no surprise that my Signature Programmes tie this theme together, whether addressing management or team challenges.

Each of my Signature Programmes in the Power of Positive Series complement each other to form an entire programme. This cohesive framework has been designed to flow from one development topic to the next. 

High Performance Habits
Strategic Leadership
Authentic Leadership
People Management Skills
Brand Yourself
Women in Leadership Course
Communicate with Influence
Workplace Conflict


customised to your needs

My modular approach makes it easy for you to choose topics that will solve your specific challenges.

Depending on your needs, challenges and budget, I can craft and customise to create a unique programme tailored for you and your organisation.

And, whilst my workshops tend to be face to face, I recognise and have developed my online offerings to combine with face to face to offer a "blended" approach to reinforce learning and allow for geographically dispersed teams to benefit from learning.

A variety of formats to suit your needs:

  • Lunch and Learns (2 -3 hours)
  • Workshops
  • Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • Group and Executive Personalised Coaching
  • Online Courses, Web Classes and Master Classes
  • Or a blend of the above

my company values

how I create safety for my clients


I believe in creating a sincere, no-judgement zone which makes room for vulnerability, honesty and openness.


The ability to encourage and appreciate the best in all of us is core to how I lead and how I encourage leaders to lead.


I believe that there is power in the present, that we all have a responsibility to be our best and to create shared understanding.


Successful leaders are curious, humble, willing to learn from others and say sorry.


My training provides a sense of belonging in a space that is truthful and challenging, yet respectful.


When we choose to let "stuff" go, to forgive ourselves and others, we learn true freedom.

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