Unlock the secrets to your Signature Leadership Style and learn how to step into your leadership brilliance

Because Empowered Leaders Thrive

Identifying your Signature Leadership Style is just the first step in your leadership journey.  

The second step is learning how to use your Leadership Style to your advantage.

your significant leadership style is the key to unlock the opportunities and key relationships that are pivotal to your Leadership career success

Signature Leadership Style Secrets Unlocked Video Teaching

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Secret # 1

Identify AND use your Signature Style (and those you work with), to embrace your strengths and super-powers and leverage these for significant leadership and team success - be more YOU, without all the "comparisonitis" or imposter syndrome

Secret # 2

Discover the power of your Significant Signature Leadership Style in building deeper, richer, relationships with your boss, stakeholders, team and more - stand out against other leaders by knowing WHO you are and WHAT you stand for

Secret # 3

Learn how to maximise your new knowledge and skill-set to positively influence and affect those styles that are "difficult or tough" to work with - turn "difficult people" into loyal team members who complement your style

A total value of AU$459

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You will receive these x 3 bonus resources to empower you on your Leadership Style Journey, namely:

Learn how to identify ANYONE'S style in 5 minutes or less with this simple to use tool-kit (AU$65)

Learn what your secondary or "sidekicks" to your primary style are - AND how to make these work when dealing with other styles.  (AU$65)

Identify your "opposite" style - and learn how to influence people who are different to you without losing your cool (AU$65)

A total value of AU$195

Total Learning Package, what you will get: 

Signature Leadership Style Secrets Unlocked Teaching    Valued at AU$350

Energy-Focus Identifier Cheat Sheet                                     Valued at AU$65

Sidekick Identifier Guide                                                           Valued at AU$65

Battle of the Signature Styles Cheat Sheet                          Valued at AU$65


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