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What Our Clients Are Saying :

I went through the Dynamo Guide in detail today, and the results were very accurate.  The description fits to a T.  All challenges described are what I face - nearly on a daily basis (yes - even when working from home!).  I really like the "Stretch" exercises that you proposed, and I'm going to try them out and let you know how I go.  


Senior Manager

Nurturer. "...you strive to create a quiet and calming environment where people can speak up and do good work". This really resonated in terms of my career background coordinating teams, and also reflects how I interact with clients and collaborators as a freelancer. It's great to shine a light on these aspects :-) 


Copy Writer, Communications Expert

you have a SIGNATURE style, a way of communicating which sets you apart

Your ability to recognise, flex and adapt this style is crucial to your success as a leader

Have you ever thought about why you get along with some people more than others?

Have you ever felt like you are not able to get your point across?

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try, you are not being taken seriously?

That's because behaviour is the launch pad for leadership success or failure.

The DiSC Model of Behavior was first proposed by William Moulton Marston, a physiological psychologist with a Ph.D. from Harvard.  

Marston theorised that the behavioral expression of emotions could be categorised into four primary types, stemming from the person's perceptions of self in relationship to his or her environment. 

I've tailored and built on this work, specific for the leadership environment and the leaders I work with.

It’s not a mistake or coincidence that the same identifiable types of behaviours show up again and again in history, our media and in leadership - some we love and some we don't love quite as much. Our brains are wired to spot patterns and group like things together. Irrespective of whether we're introverts or extraverts, we seek to connect with people – not products or services. 

When a leader adopts a primary behavioural style, people recognise it – it’s familiar. They understand what you stand for and decide whether they "buy into you". By figuring out what your primary or Signature Leadership Style is, you are given a powerful model to style and grow your leadership persona. 

When people understand your leadership style, they can begin to LIKE + TRUST you, which leads to deeper, more relatable and resonant relationships - which positively impacts on engagement and performance. A win-win for you, your team and your organisation.

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