Discover the Power of Your Signature Style Sidekicks - your secret weapons helping you on the road to leadership mastery and ultimate influence

Discovering your leadership style is just the first step in learning how to lead.  

The second step is leveraging your Secondary or Sidekick Styles for ultimate power and influence

Discover the Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Style with Your Signature Sidekicks - your ultimate secret weapons to power and influence

get the signature sidekick guide and  

Here's what you'll learn:

Step # 1

Take the Test

Identify the four Signature Styles and Uncover your Signature Sidekicks - so you can leverage your WHOLE style for leadership mastery and influence

Step # 2

Celebrate and Savour Your Sidekicks:

Each leader has a unique flavour of leading.  The way you lead is perfect for you. This step will allow you to recognise and learn how to do this confidently.

Step # 3

Strategically Leverage Your Style:

Review and get real on what you can and cannot do.  This step will help you to create a strategic plan to move you from surviving to "thriving" as a woman who leads with power and influence

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You will receive this bonus resource to complement and empower your Signature Side-Kick

Identify your "opposite" style - and learn how to influence people who are different to you without losing your cool

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Signature Side-Kick Guide                                                      Valued at AU$79

Battle of the Signature Styles Cheat Sheet                          Valued at AU$79


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