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Welcome to the Kerry Anne Cassidy "Leadership, Management and Coaching" Resource page, where I have compiled a list of resources to support my Leadership, Management, and Coaching programmes to  reinforce your learning.  

I help leaders to step up into their passion and purpose 

empowered leaders thrive

We all deal with difficult people and events who challenge our confidence, wear us down and get in the way of us achieving our goals. 

Teaching the mindset, skill-set and tool-set to effectively deal with self-limiting beliefs, triggers and biases in managing people, priorities and constant change so that we create high performing teams, is my speciality.

My clients and learners most describe me as "Engaging, Enthusiastic and Energetic".....

Leadership Courses Brisbane

Articles from my engage and grow blog


Susan Scott, "What to Be Mindful Of" - first 1 minute, 45 seconds

Perpetuum Jazille: an analogy for what leadership SHOULD be about

Coaching and the Grow Model

Nudge: Developing Culture through behavioural nudges

Dan Pink: What Really motivates workers

Shawn Achor: The Happiness Advantage

First Follower: Leadership Lessons on What it Means to Create Followers

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Kerry Anne Cassidy Unstoppable Women's Leadership Coach

pdf's from my leaders, coaching and mentoring programmes for download

  1. Management Essentials, eHealth - click here to download your copy
  2. Managing People Effectively - click here to download your copy
  3. LEAD day 1 - 3 - click here to download your copy
  4. LEAD day 4 - 5 - click here to download your copy
  5. Emerging Leaders, QAO - click here to download your copy
  6. Essential Leadership, Bond Uni - click here to download your copy
  7. Managing Performance Effectively: click here to download your copy
  8. Coaching and Mentoringclick here to download your copy
  9. Coaching for Individual Performance, Shellclick here to download your copy
  10. People Leadershipclick here to download your copy
  11. The New Supervisor: click here to download your copy
  12. Problem Solving and Solution Planning, Shellclick here to download your copy
  13. Change Management: click here to download your copy
  14. Creating a Culture of Feedback, QAO: click here to download your copy
  15. People Matters 3-Day Course: click here to download your copy
  16. Managing Business Effectively 3-Day: click here to download your copy

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  • Being passed over for promotion and challenging job opportunities?
  • Not being recognized or appreciated for the value and ideas you bring?
  • Being bullied or singled out by an overbearing boss, colleague or stakeholder?
  • Being paid less than what you are worth?

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