kerry anne cassidy positive performance conversations

How to Have Positive Performance Conversations:

a step-by-step framework on how to engage your team

Performance conversations are at the heart of effective workplace relationships.

Are you making the most of these in your team or are you missing out on opportunities because you tend to put these off because they fall in the “too hard basket”?

If so, you are not alone. A lot of the leaders I work with, come to me for this exact reason – they want to build the skills needed to confidently deal with difficult and diverse performance conversations.

In this video teaching you will learn:

One: The fundamental differences between Performance Management and Performance Improvement Plans - and why you need to know this  

Two: Why Managers avoid performance conversations - and the benefits of having them

Three: How to Create a Positive Performance Culture through Conversation

Four: How to Engage in Positive Performance Conversations

Five: How to Manage Underperformance

Six: What happens when things go wrong

What's Included in Your Leadership Pack:

One: Access to the video teaching for 12 months

Two: Copy of the presentation in handout format so you can read along and make notes

Three: Templates for having performance conversations and for managing underperformance

Plus : get access to bonus resources to reinforce and stretch your learning on this topic (videos, books, articles)