Is your leadership holding you back?

Learn how to confidently step up as a leader

Kerry Anne Cassidy on armchair

I'm here to tell you that every single one of the difficult and painful situations you have had to face in your journey to become an effective leader will be worth it!


learning to lead is hard

Like many leaders out there, I was first promoted into my leadership role due to my technical abilities, not my people skills.  It took hard work to become the leader I wanted to be.

As a result, I am passionate about helping leaders like you develop your "style" and confidence.  

In 2020, I will be releasing my 'Personal Leadership Academy" for leaders and their teams, based on the Six Pillars of Personal Leadership.  This online course will teach managers how to "own" your unique leadership style and will be used in my coaching programmes to provide essential learning in between coaching "sessions". To get a first look at this new leadership opportunity, please sign up below.

What My Clients Say




What I appreciate the most about Kerry is her enthusiasm, patience, and passion. One of the biggest takeaways from the course was to delegate the technical tasks to allow time to focus on leadership.  

- Tina Craig, Senior Advisor, Office of the Deputy Director-General, Corporate, DSITI

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APNIC - team workshops
Ensham Resources - leadership training
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