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Unstoppable Women's Leadership Experience

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About this course

Women’s Leadership Matters!

Men and women are equally capable of effective leadership yet strikingly different in how we promote our unique strengths and talents.

In recent decades, women have seen the opportunities to flex our professional business acumen and leadership abilities in the contemporary business environment increase,  BUT, the gender gap has still not been closed  – 

  • Women  continue to be paid less
  • Women  continue to hold a smaller share of leadership responsibility  when compared to men, particularly in senior positions

The focus of the Unstoppable Women’s Leadership Experience is to empower women like you overcome these challenges, kick through the glass ceilings holding you hostage and help you to build a powerful brand and persona that embodies your unique talents.

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Course Structure

5 Lessons

One: Winning Mindsets

Focus: Your mindset is arguably your most important asset.  Learn how to harness your potential and unlock your power as a woman in leadership.

In this module, you will learn:

  1. Myth Busters: the real truths behind six myths that hold women back
  2. Inner Dialogue and the Warrior Within: how to use the power of your conscious mind, identify the barriers, blocks and self-limiting beliefs hindering your success – and how to overcome these
  3. Authentic You: to identify, recognise and embrace your passions, purpose and super-powers (strengths and passions)  and dreams and align these with your personal and professional career goals for congruency and focus in your leadership journey

** Bonus Inclusion: Mindset Mastery, a 90 minute deep-dive into your mindset and how to get the most from it

Lesson Four: Bonus – Master Your Mindset

In this 90 minute webinar, we dispel 6 myths about mindset, find out how you can find answers to all your biggest challenges, understand and leverage the components of mindset to effectively identify and overcomes the biases and triggers you have in your life. 

(Part of the Monthly Webinar Series for Busy Professionals)

7 Lessons

Two: Purpose and Priority

Focus: How to get the most out of your day to achieve your goals and priorities AND create time to develop your career whilst balancing home commitments

In this module, you will learn:

  1. Let’s Get Productive! identifying the misleading truth behind time management and discovering the nine common time wasters holding women back
  2. What Really Matters: leveraging off your values, strengths and goals is essential if you are going to achieve anything productive
  3. Mindset and Your Biggest Self-Management Challenges: using the science behind habit and productivity to help you identify and overcome your biggest productivity challenges
  4. Three Rules of Productivity: most people either ignore or simply don't know the 3 crucial rules for ensuring they meet their goals. This lesson takes you through the foundational rules for time management that will set you up for success, if you use them!

* * Bonus Inclusion: 

  1. Five Tools for Productivity
  2. 4 Audio Talks
5 Lessons

Three: Emotional Mastery

Focus: leveraging the skill-set and tool-set of Emotional Intelligence to creatively problem-solve and make better decisions in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world)

  1. Life in a VUCA World:  learning how to live at a more fulfilling and emotionally masterful level, leveraging and developing  deep connections with others whilst navigating a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous workplace and global environment
  2. Conscious and Connected: developing your emotional mastery with 7 habits for connected living
  3. Socially Connected: learning how to develop and leverage our most important assets: relationships through the art of conscious, intentional conversation
  4. Enabling Conversations:  as women we have the gift of connection which enables us to form social connections that support our communities.  The challenge we have is in learning how to have difficult conversations that allow deeper understanding and connection.  This lesson teaches a tool to allow for honest and forthright discussions about difficult topics.
  5.  Daily Preparation Power Practice: taking all we have learnt in this lesson, practice 6 steps to powerfully and intentionally kick-start your day at a higher level of joy, peace and purpose that overcomes our VUCA world
8 Lessons

Four: Woman of Influence

Focus: Learn how to use your Signature Leadership Style to influence key players, get your ideas heard, implemented and recognised for career progression and promotion

In this module you will learn:

  1. Influential You: discover what it means to influence using the four styles for a win-win
  2. Your Signature Leadership Style: you have a unique way of leading and communicating.  Discover what yours is and how to leverage it for good.
  3. Difficult vs Different: we all work with at least one person who we term "difficult".  Learn how to reframe your perspective and harness the differences in your team.
  4. Influencing Using Signature Styles: we can underestimate our ability to influence with impact when we don't understand how our secondary and primary styles work together.  In this topic we identify your Significant Signature Style and how to tweak and adapt to influence powerfully
  5. The Power of Presence: also known as "Gravitas", in this topic we learn the aspects of Gravitas and how to play "big" to achieve your goals


6 Lessons

Five: Courage Under Fire

Focus: We live in a world of turbulence, change and uncertainty.  Developing our resilience muscles intentionally is what we will focus on in this module.

In this module we will learn:

  1. Bounce Back Big!: discover the science behind bounce, your resilience profile and how to develop your strengths and teach your team the same
  2. How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Deal with Toxic People: there are difficult people and then there are toxic people.  In this topic we learn what the difference is and ways to deal with toxicity so we don't get drawn into negativity
12 Lessons

Six: Social Agility


In this module we cover the following topics:

  1. Network Like a Pro: we all network every day of our lives.  But do we do it intentionally and with the end in mind?  Learn the skills that most women never get taught to move your professionally ahead.
  2. Brand You: Building onto your network, and the work you've started on developing your "Presence/Gravitas", we strategically work on a plan to get you noticed, recognised and poised for promotion.
  3. LinkedIn Business Imperative: no matter whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay.  Learn how you can effectively partner with LinkedIn to build your network and showcase your "brand"
  4. Getting Ahead with Role Models, Mentors and Sponsors: this is the final missing puzzle piece in your leadership arsenal.  In this topic we identify the difference between these three roles and come up with multi-pronged plan to identify mentors and sponsorship opportunities that you can leverage to move past the barriers of bias, "the old boy's club" and your own self limiting beliefs to achieve the career platform you've been made for.