Signature Style Secrets Unlocked

Signature Leadership Style Secrets Unlocked Video Teaching

  • Discover the language of your style and the benefits to your leadership
  • Learn how to leverage your style to get the most from your colleagues, boss and team
  • Find out how you can influence difficult workmates from a positive perspective
  • Identify your team’s leadership styles – and how to use this to effectively engage them
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Managing Conflict and Dealing with Difficult People (Gold Level)

As leaders, we work with people who are diverse in all sorts of ways.  More often than not, when we clash in our ideas or expectations, this can lead to conflict and what we call, "difficult people" 

But, I'd like to propose that rather than seeing conflict as bad and people as difficult, we need to learn the tools and skills to reframe these unhelpful stereotypes to get the best from ourselves and those we work with on a daily basis.

Come with me on a journey to discover a more assertive and engaging leadership style as we tackle difficult people, behaviours and conversations in a whole new way.

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Unstoppable Women's Leadership Experience

Women's Leadership Matters!

Men and women are equally capable of effective leadership yet strikingly different in how we promote our unique strengths and talents.

In recent decades, women have seen the opportunities to flex our professional business acumen and leadership abilities in the contemporary business environment increase, BUT, the gender gap has still not been closed – 

  • Women continue to be paid less
  • Women continue to hold a smaller share of leadership responsibility when compared to men, particularly in senior positions

The focus of the Unstoppable Women’s Leadership Experience is to empower women like you overcome these challenges, kick through the glass ceilings holding you hostage and help you to build a powerful brand and persona that embodies your unique talents.

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