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kerry anne cassidy - 3-way survey

moving you forward and upwards in your leadership journey

1. Change management and resilience

The world is changing and with it, your ability to grow and change is paramount.  

How well are you adapting and keeping up with change in your leadership role?

2. influence, conflict and communication

Effective leaders are those who understand who they are and how to use their strengths to influence and motivate others, even those they don't get along with.  How influential would you say you are in your most important conversations?

3. women's leadership

Women's leadership has its own set of unique challenges.  Do you "back yourself" when the people around you don't?

4. leadership, Coaching and mentoring

Leadership is a skill-set that can be learnt.  The leaders I work with are dedicated, disciplined and looking to step into their best selves.  Are you as effective as you could be in getting the most from yourself and your team?

5. productivity and time management

Your ability to manage your goals and time is crucial to the performance of your team.  How effective are you in leveraging focus and time in achieving your goals as a leader?

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