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Over the past 12 months, leadership training and development has changed dramatically.  That's why I offer both self-paced online courses as well as group coaching through a blend of live and pre-recorded online events where leaders are able to build relationships with their peers in a safe environment and learn the skills of leadership in bite-size chunks.  

Find out how I empower leaders to step up into their brilliance with my online courses.

Hi, I'm Kerry Anne Cassidy

I empower leaders to step up with courage, conviction and can-do 

We all deal with difficult people and events who challenge our confidence, wear us down and get in the way of us achieving our goals. 

Teaching the mindset, skill-set and tool-set to effectively deal with self-limiting beliefs, triggers and biases in managing people, priorities and constant change so that we create high performing teams, is my speciality.

My clients and leaders most describe me as "Engaging, Enthusiastic and Energetic".....

Leadership Courses Brisbane


Leadership is easy when you know how.

1: Mindset and motivation

Your Mindset or "Inside Game" as I like to call it, is the foundation of your leadership success.  Most leaders I work with, don't spend the necessary time each day developing their inside game - which is why you are not getting the results you COULD be getting.

2: purpose and priorities

Successful leaders know their direction and they know their priorities.  

The problem?  

Most leaders get so distracted by priorities or daily to-do lists that they lose sight of their goals and end up getting lost.

3: emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence trumps Intellectual Intelligence 75% of the time.  And, although we are all born with it, how many leaders spend the necessary discipline and time developing theirs and their team's emotional intelligence?

4: influence

Your ability to influence with power and conviction is based on your confidence base.  One of the biggest challenges leaders face is a lack of confidence in critical situations. 

5. Resilience and change

6. social agility

In a volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous world, where the "new normal" changes daily, do you have have the resilience to bounce back and forward as a leader?  And, do you know how to develop resilience in your team?

Your ability to network and build a brand that stands out from the crowd is a critical component for being able to take advantage of new opportunities - and without the proper sponsorship relationships in place, where does your next job opportunity come from?


Each of the following online video and workbook packs are available as stand-alone learning or can be combined to form part of a broader, focused leadership programme.  

Live web classes are available as well as inhouse, face to face options for leaders and their teams.

Your learning, your way, that's my focus and passion.

Mindset for Successful Leadership


how ridiculously successful leaders use their brain and biology to get ahead

There are 6 mindset myths to explore to find the answer to your success across 5 key chapters in this course. This package includes a video and audio as well as worksheets, and handouts.

emotional intelligence for leaders

how emotionally intelligent leaders handle toxic team mates:

12 Ways to Save Your Sanity as a Leader

Have you got a toxic team member?  Someone in your team who brings negativity and toxicity to your workplace?

And, are you looking for ways to deal with them so that you can turn things around?

Discover the skills you need to succeed.

Communication Skills

conversations that count:
how to have a Difficult conversation at work

Have you got a difficult conversation that you know you need to have? Are you worried about how it’s going to turn out?

Or that you may be negatively judged by the person, your team or others? If you want to learn how to have that "difficult conversation at work that you know you need to have, then this webinar will help create a framework and provide you with the necessary tools to help you do just that.

emotional intelligence for leaders

10 Habits for a healthier, happier you:

How to shift negativity, develop healthy habits and thrive as a leader

Learn how to shift negativity so you can thrive in the workplace with 10 healthy habits as a strong, happy leader.

Resilience for Leaders

bounce back big:

learn the secrets of resilience in times of turbulence and change

For leaders who want to learn the secrets of resilience in an ever-changing, turbulent world. 

How to Say No as a Leader

the importance of assertiveness and saying no

Learn the biology of assertiveness through emotional intelligence. Asking the right questions and how to say No!

discover how successful leaders network

network like a pro:

How to Network with Confidence: developing your internal and external networks for business success

Develop your internal and external networks for business success. Your ability to network is critical for overcoming a host of business challenges: from leveraging people who can provide influence over difficult people who block your success, to finding sponsors and people who can help you to move ahead in your career. Networking is a key skill for 21st century leadership success.

Branding for Leadership

professional branding for leaders

Learn what is meant by personal brand and why you need to work on yours. Identify strategies to develop or enhance your personal brand exploring the 7 steps to implementation. 

How Leaders Can Make the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIN business imperative for leaders

Understand the purpose and power of LinkedIn. Receive tips to optimise your profile and gain a fuller network.

main image for managing conflict course

Managing conflict and dealing with difficult people for managers and their teams

Learn how to go from surviving at work to thriving at work by learning the skills of effectively managing conflict and dealing with difficult people

Simple approach, big results

Signature Leadership Style Secrets Unlocked Video Teaching

Unlock the secrets to your Signature Leadership Style and learn how to step into your leadership brilliance


Identifying your Signature Leadership Style is just the first step in your leadership journey.  

Kerry Anne Cassidy Course for high achieving women

Unstoppable Women's Leadership Experience

Empowering women in leadership to step up into your passion and purpose

A virtual leadership development programme designed for corporate women from entry to senior management roles

The focus of the Unstoppable Women’s Leadership Experience is to empower women to overcome these challenges, kick past the glass ceilings holding you hostage and help you to build a powerful brand and persona that embodies your unique talents.

Online Course by Kerry Anne Cassidy

DEVELOPING EMPATHY IN LEADERSHIP- the gateway to deeper, more effective workplace relationships

Did you know that the quickest way to build trust is to show that you care as a leader?

Do you know how to do this so that you come across as authentic?

Looking To Step Up In Your Leadership Journey?  

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