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So, if you are struggling with:

“Stuckness”, anxiety and stress
The daily grind of managing others
Feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated and wondering if something better is out there
Second-guessing your decisions and doubting yourself
Not knowing how to leverage your unique strengths and abilities as a manager
Not knowing how to leverage the unique strengths and abilities within your team
Frustration that the work you do doesn’t have positive meaning and purpose for you
Dealing with people who block your every move and create conflict and trouble for you
Being overlooked for promotion Being made redundant in this tough economic market
Being a woman in a management role and feeling unheard, unappreciated and overwhelmed


I started working with Kerry Anne a little over 6 months ago during one on one leadership coaching sessions.
When I started this journey, I was unsure and apprehensive in respect to my capabilities as a leader and how to get the best out of myself and those around me. I was lacking the self confidence and resilience to effectively lead.
Through my sessions with Kerry Anne, I went on a journey of self reflection, learning how to understand and manage my emotions as well as how to be more courageous and authentic in my interactions with others. Throughout there has been a focus on individual openness and accountability. Kerry Anne pushed and prodded where needed and in doing so, gave me perspective on a number of issues and limitations I was self-imposing. Kerry Anne’s communication style enabled me to embrace fresh ideas, which we put into practice through both reflective and practical exercises /homework. From this experience I gained perspective and awareness of myself, as well as techniques and tools to better manage my interactions with others. More importantly, I have identified a leadership style that reflects my unique gifts and abilities. Without Kerry Anne, this would not have been possible.
To sum up my experience with working with Kerry Anne in one phrase: life changing
If you are seriously committed to become a more effective and inspirational leader, I would strongly recommend undertaking one on one coaching sessions with Kerry Anne.

Richard Boothby, Product and Technical Marketing Manager, Idemitsu

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