emotional intelligence for leaders

how emotionally intelligent leaders handle toxic team mates

12 Ways to Save Your Sanity as a Leader

Have you got a toxic team member?  Someone in your team who brings negativity and toxicity to your workplace?

And, are you looking for ways to deal with them so that you can turn things around?

In this video teaching, we dig deep to learn about the following topics:

  1. The Hard Truths about Toxic Teams: learn the price individuals and organisations pay when they ignore or allow toxic behaviour.
  2. Signs You Have a Toxic Team: find out the 11 signs that indicate you may be working in a toxic team and learn 7 ways to go from threat to thriving in your workplace.
  3. The Four Toxic Temperaments: discover the behavioural profiles of everyday vs toxic temperaments and learn 2 techniques to dealing with inappropriate behaviours.
  4. 12 Ways to Deal with Toxic Teammates: learn 12 simple and effective techniques to deal with the toxic temperaments without risking your success or sanity!

What's Included in Your Leadership Pack:

  1. How to Handle Toxic Workmates Video (1 hour, 27 minutes)
  2.  Copy of the presentation in handout format so you can read along and make notes
  3. Plus : get access to bonus resources to reinforce and stretch your learning on this topic (videos, books, articles)