How to Say No as a Leader

the importance of assertiveness and saying no

If you are tired of being ignored, pushed around and saying yes when you  want to say no, then this video teaching is for you! 

In this video teaching, you will learn:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: A Foundation for Assertiveness: In this section we develop a definition for assertiveness, learn about the four pain points of assertiveness, and identify when to assert yourself by setting boundaries
  2. Biology of Assertiveness: Here we explore the important link between your self-esteem and asserting yourself, a model of the mind and 3 ways to develop self awareness to help you speak up and be heard
  3. How to Say No: In this section we learn the difference between yes and no and what this means for assertive conversations, as well as 4 techniques to say no in an inoffensive way
  4. Asking the Right Questions: In this section we explore the power of effective questions to get new answers to old, negative situations and learn how to ask the right questions of others by identifying and leveraging their communication styles

What's Included in Your Package:

  • Importance of Assertiveness Video (1 hour, 26 minutes)
  • Importance of Assertiveness Audio for on the go learning (1 hour, 26 minutes)
  • Copy of the presentation in handout format so you can read along and make notes (this includes access to bonus resources to reinforce and stretch your learning on this topic)