Communication Skills

Let’s face it, disagreements and differences of opinion are part and parcel of life. But, the sad truth is that even though this may be commonplace, what is not so common is having the skills and confidence to broach the topic.

If you want to learn how to have that "difficult conversation at work that you know you need to have, then this webinar will help create a framework and provide you with the necessary tools to help you do just that.

In "Conversations that Count", you will learn 4 ways to be courageous through:

  1. The Importance Of Having A Difficult Conversation: learn the benefits of difficult conversations to you, your team and your organisation.
  2. The Science Behind Why It So Often Goes Wrong: Discover The Power Of Our Conditioning And How This Can Be Used To Build Our Confidence And Provide Us With Insights On How To Approach Others Positively
  3. The Costs Of Silence: discover some important statistics about companies who choose not to have difficult conversations and how this changed thousands of lives forever.
  4. How To Approach A Conversation That Counts Using 2 Simple Tools: Giving You A Practical Framework To Allow You To Plan And Prepare For A Positive Difficult Conversation.

What's Included in Your Conversations Pack:

  1. How to Have a Conversation that Counts Video (42 minutes)
  2.  Copy of the presentation in handout format so you can read along and make notes
  3. Mapping a Conflict Bonus resource