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I can help

You were made for a purpose; with a passion and a set of talents that will take you far.  

You've been promoted into your leadership role due to these talents.  

But, let's face it - being a woman in leadership is HARD!

It takes guts, discipline, confidence and clarity of purpose to lead.  And even then, success is not guaranteed.  

You are looking for a practical leadership solution which is tailored to your specific needs and your unique, often challenging position as a woman in leadership.

Have you been called to lead?

I've been working with women in leadership roles for over 20 years.  

What I have found is that women in leadership most often suffer from a lack of

self-belief and confidence in their abilities to affect change.  

And this impacts on their ability to lead with power and passion, from a place of strength.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Leadership is an inside game

The Problem:

Most ladies come to me because they want help with 

a strong personality or "difficult person" in their lives; 

they believe they have a people problem which is "out there"

but when I start to dig deeper, 

they realise the problem is not "out there" but rather "inside them".

My Job:

Is to ask the challenging questions to get you to identify properly

who you are and what strengths you bring to your team and organisation.  

I firmly believe that :

"The Brain with Problem is the Brain with the Solution"

And, yes, it will take hard work, discipline and commitment to step into your "best self".

Like many leaders, I was first promoted to a management role due to my technical & training expertise,

not due to my people skills! 

As a result of this, I made a lot of mistakes, and I went through

a painful, steep learning curve to become the leader I am today.

I did it alone, but you don’t need to. 

I am emotionally invested in seeing women in leadership succeed.

woman in leadership - Kerry Anne
Kerry Anne

My passion is to help you navigate your leadership role with ease so you can thrive. Your passion and commitment got you the role, now let’s work to hone your skills and capabilities without sacrificing your signature style!

How I Like to Lead


Say goodbye to cold, lifeless and boring training that misses the mark and enjoy an energising, intuitive learning process that is deeply satisfying. Whether we work together for two months or two years - I want you to have fun too so that you are reminded of why you embraced your role as  a woman in leadership!


Difficult people in your workplace can be draining: consuming you with negative thoughts, making you question your leadership ability and threatening your confidence. I help you to deeply engage with who you are by providing a safe, supportive environment where you can learn how to firmly, positively deal with difficult situations and behaviours AND still enjoy the journey.


You don’t have to feel guilty about needing help in your role. Doing the necessary head and heart work on your leadership "craft" is essential to your success! High on my list of priorities is ensuring you excel every step of your journey.


Years in the corporate world can reduce life to simple black and white - but that’s not what leadership is about! My engaging and intuitive approach  will inspire you to step up, building on your strengths and challenging you to "stretch" yourself to greater heights.

Kerry took a holistic approach which I really liked – she looks at a person’s whole life, not just their work life. Kerry’s genuineness comes through in how she gets to know you and then prepares a programme that suits your individual circumstances.  


Kerry Anne Cassidy Women Empowerment Facilitator

I know the feeling

As a woman in leadership, you work hard to be taken seriously. You are committed and disciplined and proud of the work you do.

But, you are frustrated with being overlooked for promotion, not being heard, or seen as ineffective.

You've been looking for someone who can encourage and lift you up, guide and challenge you to step up with confidence into your potential and purpose.

That's what I do.


Complete  the signature styles quiz


Discover how to own your "style"  as a woman in leadership.

completing the signature style quiZ is the first step for you to step up into who are meant to be.

The QUIZ is part of a mini-course, specifically designed to help you:

  • Get excited about your unique style and how you can use it in leading your team.
  • Find out how to laugh at yourself and other styles - we are so complex and different to each other!
  • Learn cool and witty ways to influence people who are different from you - instead of being misunderstood.
  • Identify how to adapt your style to get more "yes" and less "no" in conversations.
  • Step into your strengths without shame - you were made the way you are for a reason! 

If you are ready to step up and fully embrace your leadership style - warts and all, complete the quiz today!

I love my Clients!


Annie Erichson - testimonial

Kerry was incredible, she had the entire class engaged. An amazing facilitator, I learnt a lot from Kerry and have been putting my new skills to practice in the work place. Excellent content.  The best course I have ever done – thank you.

Annie Erichsen

I didn’t really think there was so much involved when dealing with people. I was thinking of small fries! Now I have so much more information that I can put to good use.  

- Sherri Hasted, Senior Administration Officer, Qld Health


...And if you’re looking for inspiration on how to be an imperfect leader who is positively changing the world, check out my blog.