authentic leadership: engage your team

When managers don't take time to lead, teams end up never learning how to solve their own problems, they never learn how to take ownership of their roles and a vicious cycle of blame and judgement takes over the ethos of a team.

Authentic leaders know who they are and what they stand for.  

They have a crystal clear vision, communicate it clearly and expect the best from their people at all times.

the opportunity

why is authentic leadership important to a team's success?

Authentic leadership isn't easy.  

Have you ever experienced any of the following:

  1. Getting frustrated with your team because you KNOW better than them HOW to do the stuff they should be doing?
  2. Finding it hard to delegate to your team because you know that you can do it better, faster, and more consistently?  And, when you do delegate, you will often take back that task for the reasons already listed?
  3. You find that you never have enough time to get to your priorities, spending your time dealing with an endless supply of problems that your staff bring to you day in and day out?
  4. Spending longer and longer hours at work, creating expectations that your teams should do the same?
  5. Feeling helpless or overwhelmed when having to deal with the more "difficult personalities" in your team?
  6. Not having time to give feedback to your staff – but when you do it's usually when things have gone wrong with helpful advice on how to improve and the expectation that your staff will?
  7. Ending up with less-than-ideal relationships with your teams where conflict happens more than it should?

Leaders experiencing any of these issues have a high likelihood of burning themselves and their teams out in a never-ending vicious cycle of repeated frustration and helplessness.

As a leader, you are a part of the problem AND you are also a part of the solution in any situation. 

Important Note:

 Australian managers lag most behind world-best practice in a survey category titled “instilling a talent mindset”.

In other words, we as australian leaders are not adequately harnessing the raw talent and creativity of our people.


INTRODUCING PEOPLE POWER - engaging your people through authentic leadership

The health of our workplace relationships are an indicator of how successful we are as leaders. The more successful our relationships, the more successful we are as a leader and the better results we get for our business or organisation.

Without good relationships with your staff and within your team, engagement, productivity and performance suffer.

Your staff are also our single most important resource in the bid to stay ahead of your competitors.

They hold the key to innovative new ideas and fresh ways to solve existing problems that will keep you ahead of the pack – because they are at the frontline, dealing with everyday problems directly impacting on your customers.

Your staff are also your biggest cost base. 

So, if they are not managed properly or given adequate training to do their jobs, the numbers show us that they end up costing a company TWICE their annual salary to replace them.

Your key responsibility as a leader is to develop vibrant relationships throughout your organisation which allows you to harness your team’s strengths, abilities and experience.

Our research also indicates that leaders who are emotionally intelligent, have a higher success and performance rate than those who have a higher IQ.  Furthermore, they are more likely to get positive results from their people and retain these staff over a longer period than the traditional management styles.

The themes of brain science and emotional intelligence underpin this programme and bring fresh perspectives to everyday leadership.

Authentic Leadership is about consciously working to help your staff achieve their own and the teams goals so that the organisation’s goals are realised.

Programme Objectives:

By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  1. Recognise and leverage the changing landscape of work, economics and customer expectations in the 21st century as a leader / manager
  2. Clearly communicate your brand statement as a leader / manager that reflects who you are and what you stand for as a manager/leader
  3. Identify the key responsibilities of a leader / manager versus the key responsibility of your team members for clarity and boundary management
  4. Identify and recognise the difference between a leader and a manager and how to base your personal style on your strength as either a leader or a manager
  5. Work to continuously develop your “inside game” as a leader / manager
  6. Establish a framework to support your vision, values and goals so that you and your team have a roadmap for success
  7. Learn how to engage your team to realise “discretionary effort” (get their heads and hearts) rather than just showing up to get done what needs to be done (transactional effort)
  8. Learn what it means to be an Inclusive Leader and the link between inclusivity and engagement to your business results and bottom line.  This includes managing differences such as culture, gender and age.
  9. Create confidence within your team to make good decisions about their priorities, so that they problem solve the right problems
  10. Expanding and developing your network to include the operational and strategic contacts needed to get things done and expand your influence both for business and your career.
  11. Create an action plan that will help you prioritise your major “rocks” over a 90-day period so that you can see your future in technicoloured detail, essential to making it a reality!

Your people are your biggest cost base but also your biggest opportunity.  Learn how to engage them effectively from an authentic leadership perspective.

"I am not afraid of an army of lions

led by a sheep

I am afraid of an army of sheep

 led by a lion.”

- Alexander the Great


Check what my clients say about me


What I appreciate the most about Kerry is her enthusiasm, patience and passion.

One of the biggest takeaways from the course was to delegate the technical tasks to allow time to focus on leadership.

 The reason I would recommend her is because Kerry is very earnest and knowledgeable.”

Tina Craig



“Kerry Anne has taken the time to give back to other people what she has learnt through her own life skills and education.

She shared personal and business information which stayed within the boundaries of the program and was very respectful.

Kerry Anne was overall one of the nicest people I have met in a long time”. 

Sherri Hasted

Department of Health


After the first day I already had tools to take back to my work place and after the second module I had my staff wanting to know more about the course.

Kerry was engaging, knowledgeable and very entertaining in delivering the content


The reason I would recommend Kerry Anne is because hers was

 not just another course which you will add to your resume and then go back to managing how you usually manage.

This course provides you with an insight into the human psyche and what drives people, and how to move and motivate and engage them on individual levels.

Top marks for the course and Kerry’s presentation of it.

Theo Wright


delivery and value

introducing the power of positive

I have always believed in and tried to live my life from a perspective of “The Power of Positive”.  We now know from science that we are 31% more productive in positive than in neutral, negative or stressed.

So, it’ll come as no surprise that my Signature Programmes tie this theme together, whether addressing management or team challenges.

Each of my Signature Programmes in the Power of Positive Series complement each other to form an entire programme. This cohesive framework has been designed to flow from one development topic to the next. 

High Performance Habits
Strategic Leadership
Authentic Leadership
People Management Skills
Brand Yourself
Women in Leadership Course
Communicate with Influence
Workplace Conflict


customised to your needs

My modular approach makes it easy for you to choose topics that will solve your specific challenges.

Depending on your needs, challenges and budget, I can craft and customise to create a unique programme tailored for you and your organisation.

And, whilst my workshops tend to be face to face, I recognise and have developed my online offerings to combine with face to face to offer a "blended" approach to reinforce learning and allow for geographically dispersed teams to benefit from learning.

A variety of formats to suit your needs:

  • Lunch and Learns (2 -3 hours)
  • Workshops
  • Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • Group and Executive Personalised Coaching
  • Online Courses, Web Classes and Master Classes
  • Or a blend of the above

my company values

how I create safety for my clients


I believe in creating a sincere, no-judgement zone which makes room for vulnerability, honesty and openness.


The ability to encourage and appreciate the best in all of us is core to how I lead and how I encourage leaders to lead.


I believe that there is power in the present, that we all have a responsibility to be our best and to create shared understanding.


Successful leaders are curious, humble, willing to learn from others and say sorry.


My training provides a sense of belonging in a space that is truthful and challenging, yet respectful.


When we choose to let "stuff" go, to forgive ourselves and others, we learn true freedom.

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