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I’m here to tell you that the embarrassing, emotionally stressful situations you are facing now, will ultimately give birth to a passionate and purpose-driven leader - you!

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How do I know?
I’ve failed many, many times. 

When I was first promoted into leadership, I was young, passionate, with a crystal clear vision of what I wanted, but I was inexperienced, naive, incredibly unprepared for the hard work of leadership mixed with the weight of being a woman at work. I often felt unqualified, overwhelmed and misunderstood. For a long time, I listened to what other people had to say about my leadership style and tried my best to live up to their unrealistic expectations. This didn’t help me or my team.  

But failure I have learnt, is what builds stamina, courage and conviction.

In 2002, I was made redundant; an unnecessarily difficult process which resulted in high levels of stress which led to an ulcer in me and the tragic death of an unborn baby in our team.  I had a choice to make: to let go and move on or to fight the system that had created the unnecessary pain.  

I chose to start afresh and step up into my calling: to develop leaders throughout Africa.

As a result, I got to travel to amazing places most people will never hear about and meet the most incredible people, making a difference and being paid very well for doing something I loved!

When I moved to Brisbane in 2006in a new environment my old fears rose to the surface and I found myself trying to be everything to everyone in order to be accepted in my new role and new country. I was living a lie, sacrificing who I was rather than owning my strengths. I had a few difficult clients who really challenged my legitimacy and credibility.  I got to a point where I was tired, burned-out and doubting myself. 

The fork in the road came when 14 months into my role, my manager described me as a "cultural misfit". I was given the option of a performance improvement plan or a 3-month exit package! I took the package, and once again took to developing my training business.

It took me a few years to work through the feelings of failure, illegitimacy, and stop hiding behind contract jobs.  An unexpected award recognising my facilitation abilities was yet another fork which helped me to step up and to once again focus wholeheartedly upon on leadership.

So many lessons: pleasurable and painful, all of them gifts.  Each of them have helped me learn to accept me: to embrace my gifts (the good and the opportunities within these) and step up into the woman that God intended me to be. I've learned to own my style. I've learned to step up and into my passion and purpose. Today, I love being me.  It's what I am good at because it's who I was made to be!

Here’s the thing:  

You were made to be you!

But how often do you truly show up authentically? 

Do you find yourself doubting what you are about to say because you fear how you will be perceived?

Listen to me lovely lady: you can flex your signature style even when leading people who are different to you.

The idea that you must conform in order to influence, is a false narrative that will keep you up at night and make you dread going to work in the morning! 

If you want to stay grounded, happy, and congruent with your values at work and in leadership - it’s time to harness your signature style!

about kerry anne


You were made to be amazing!

Discover what your primary and secondary styles are so you can step up into your passion and purpose in leadership.

Some Fun Facts About My Journey


the number of years I've been educating leaders and their teams (since 1996)


the number of learners I've trained in my face-to-face workshops


the number of industries I've had the honour of reaching


the number of countries I've reached with my training, whether online or face-to-face

A fork in the road moment....

I am the first Australian Institute of Management’s (AIM) Facilitator to win the prestigious, Facilitator of the Year Award

This award came at a time in my life that ALLOWED for a turning point that has significantly altered how I see myself and how I approach my work in helping leaders to step up

celebrating change:

Encouragement for your journey 

Today I take time to savour, to celebrate my achievements and make time to "be".  It's a good feeling.

I've found that I'm much happier being "authentically" me rather than trying to please others.  I've also noticed that since I've given myself permission to be me, that other people also feel comfortable being around me.  In fact, people who are not "like me" stick around because they recognise the value I add, even if I speak a different "language" to them.  Because they recognise my intention and heart and how I can help them.

I've recognised that the opportunities to teach leaders has opened up tremendously since I "let go" of the old biases, belief blockers and self-limiting talk: 

  • I've been able to largely move away from  "contract " work and offer 10 Signature Programmes, all available either online or face-to-face with coaching components that allow me to reinforce learning and create a return on investment for my clients.
  • I've been able to develop a unique process of both online, face to face training and coaching to help my clients get a return on investment - which I'm very passionate about!
  • My coaching programmes have become so full I am now allocating whole days each week to accommodate my Senior and Executive Coaching clients
  • In the past 9 years, I have been able to  take my learning "online" and now offer over 18 different courses - available through my "Online Leadership Courses" - for leaders and their teams
  • And, over the last 10 years, I have had a wealth of women in leadership roles coming to me, asking for "women" specific coaching and leadership learning, which has culminated in my "Unstoppable" Women's Leadership Experience, a virtual programme for Women in leadership roles. 
  • I've created a "Signature Styles" Mini-course for my Women in Leadership roles to discover what your "Signature Style" is and how to leverage yours to more effectively influence the people you work with.  Take the quiz here

I've learnt that:

  •  Life is short, so I need to make the most of it right now, in the present
  • Courage comes before confidence: you have to step up into your fears in order to overcome them 
  • Home is where my heart will always be, so as a leader I need to jealously watch and balance my time accordingly - and help my team to do the same 
  • To leave a lasting legacy I have to be clear on my own priorities so that I don't get distracted by  "other people's priorities"
  • There is power in "positive" so I make time to take regular "self-care" moments to look after myself throughout a busy day 
  •  I can only ever come from a place of strength when I am being totally me
  • I am 100% responsible and accountable for my own life - and everyone else is 100% responsible for theirs! 

My Values


I believe in creating a sincere, no-judgement zone which makes room for vulnerability, honesty and openness.


The ability to encourage and appreciate the best in all of us is core to how I lead and how I encourage leaders to lead.


I believe that there is power in the present, that we all have a responsibility to be our best and to create shared understanding.


Successful leaders are curious, humble, willing to learn from others and say sorry.


My training provides a sense of belonging in a space that is truthful and challenging, yet respectful.


When we choose to let "stuff" go, to forgive ourselves and others, we learn true freedom.

What My Clients Say




What I appreciate the most about Kerry is her enthusiasm, patience, and passion. One of the biggest takeaways from the course was to delegate the technical tasks to allow time to focus on leadership.  

- Tina Craig, Senior Advisor, Office of the Deputy Director-General, Corporate, DSITI

gemma greenhalgh - testimonial

I would highly recommend Kerry, she is the best leadership coach I have experienced by far.  I got a lot out of my three days with her which will last with me a lifetime.

- Gemma Greenhalgh

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You have a Signature Leadership Style which is unique to you.  It's who you were made to be.

Take my Signature Styles Quiz, and discover your "design" today 

...and if you’re looking for inspiration on how to be an imperfect leader who is positively changing the world, check out my blog.